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        Brand Introduction


        Shanghai Kenturnlong Machinery Co., Ltd.
        High quality, high precision and high durability is the premise for us in providing CNC machine tool accessories; and high efficient, quick service and accurate delivery is our basic requirements.
        Shanghai Kenturnlong Machinery Co., Ltd. takes the social responsibility by solving industry challenges, understanding industry needs and facilitating industry growth through 8 years of hard work in the machinery industry, and becomes a technology-based supplier of precision CNC machine tool accessories with the sales driven by services!
        "Shanghai Kenturn Mechanical Engineering Technology Co., Ltd." under "Kenturnlong" is a technology-based company aiming at serving customers, and the company organizes a team of technical engineers to achieve real-time dynamic customer services and quick response to customer needs. We can provide services for all the accessories of a CNC machine tool, and also provide regular technical services according to customer requirements.
         "Shanghai Quanyou Technology Firm" under "Kenturnlong" is a company engaged in mechanical technical consultation and mechanical product design to facilitate the growth of the industry. The company can not only help machine tool manufacturers to develop, design and manufacture new CNC machine tools but also provide overseas advanced concept in the early design stage of new products.
        KenturnlongPrecision Spindles (KTL)
        Relying on the team with more than 50 years of experience in precision spindle design, manufacturing, sales and service, Kenturnlong Machinery Co., Ltd. becomes the supplier of spindles for multiple world famous brands, and the "KTL" brand spindles can be seen everywhere in the large, medium and small enterprises all over the world.
        "KTL" spindles are independently machined by Taiwan Factory and accurately assembled by a dust-free constant-temperature factory, and for each spindle, a full-range running-in and a rigorous test are carried out. Shanghai Company has the independent import right. We do our best to guarantee the qualified rate of 100% and we also save the cost in every single link, only to provide the best the spindle products and the most affordable price, so as to improve the competitive capacity of the customers using "Kenturnlong" spindles.

        OBRCNC Index Plate (OBR)
        The company has the Germany exquisite index plate processing concepts and production technologies as well as the self-owned processing equipment for comprehensive parts and components, so as to independently control the product process and machining precision comprehensively from the initial design, manufacture and assembly of the parts and components. OBR makes contributions in the rotation field in precision component machining in the world.
        "OBR" brand is of over a century of history. Germany factory designs various types of parts and components for index plates and independently machines to provide parts and components for Europe and America index plate manufacturers; Taiwan factory produces high-precision, high-load and large-diameter CNC index plates, and the products are sold in Asia, Europe, America and other regions.
        "OBR" index plates will bring us new rotation concepts, the high-load workpiece weight and cutting force of tools, as well as the load taking by radial-axial bearings make the precision of worm wheels and worm gears kept longer, and a relatively minor impact will cause no effect.

        SANJET CNC Tool Change System (SANJET)
        Through a decade of efforts, SANJET tool magazine has made significant achievements in the aspects of bamboo hat type tool magazines, circular plate type tool magazines, umbrella-shaped tool magazines,  straight-line type tool magazines, turn-milling combined type tool magazines, chain type tool magazines, vertical-horizontal combined type tool magazines, and takes a place in Mainland China, even in Japan, Korea, etc.
        To show perfect stability and pursue high exchange speed is our requirements for "SANJET" brand products, and is also the permanent goal in the future.
        Our tool magazines have been awarded a number of patents, such as the quick cam indexer (used to equally dividing cutter spacing) in the tool magazine, the dust-proof tool sheath and tool sheath support wheel, etc. A large number of customers support us to pursue a better and quicker tool change system, which is just the momentum for our growth.


        Precision CNC machine tools firstly depend on the design and assembly processes of the manufacturers, and then the selection of the relevant accessories, a selection of excellent accessories for your machine tools will not only increase your confidence in sales but also improve the guarantee for your sales service system.
        Although our products are not the best, we are always striving for perfection; although our services are not the fastest, we keep pursuing progress!

        Commitment of Shanghai Kenturnlong Machinery Co., Ltd.: what we promised are all major events. 


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