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        KENTURN Spindle

        Taiwan Kenturn Precision Spindle

              Relying on the team with decades of experience in independent design, manufacture, sales and services of precision spindles, Kenturn Industrial Co., Ltd. is also an OEM supplier of spindles for many well-known machine tool brands in the world, and KENTURN brand spindle products can be seen everywhere in many large, medium and small enterprises around the world. Currently, Shanghai Kenturnlong Machinery Co., Ltd. manages the sales and service issues of Kenturn spindles in Mainland China at the sole discretion.



        1. The standard speed and the maximum speed of spindle;
        2. The spindle adopts a oil cooling mode to effectively maintain the stability of the spindle temperature;
        3. The good labyrinth ring design is adopted to effectively prevent the entering of cutting oil and foreign matters;
        4. The ring spray and center water outlet device of the spindle is optional;
        5. The spindle is adaptable to MV500 - MV2000 vertical and horizontal machining centers;
        6. The large spindle is adaptable to a gantry machining center or a boring and milling machining center;
        7. The spindle installation bore diameter is 80mm to 250mm;
        8. The small spindle is equipped with a standard floating buckle device, and the large spindle is reserved with a floating buckle device.
        9. The spindles are P4 super-precision bearings, coordinated with optimized span and designed with an appropriate precision tolerance.
        10. The spindle is machined with Europe and America CNC grinding machine, to ensure the quality of the parts and components.
        11. The spindle pull rod can be BT, CAT, and DIN.
        12. The dynamic balance of spindle is within G1.
        13. The inspection, assembly, machining and operational test of spindle are all carried out in a dust-free room.
        14. The standard large BT60-ø 320 spindles are of complete specifications meeting all the needs of the market.


        KENTURN Spindles Products







        Industry Applications

               KENTURN spindle is one of the world leading CNC spindles. Over 40 years of professional experience, KENTURN spindles can be seen everywhere in the factories of large, medium and small enterprises, and KENTURN brand is sold well all over the world.

               Widely used in CNC machining field.

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