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        SANJET Tool Magazine

        SA-JET tool magazine

                SANJET tool magazine is a rising star in Taiwan tool magazine industry, and through a decade of efforts, has made significant achievements in the aspects of bamboo hat type tool magazines, circular plate type tool magazines, umbrella-shaped tool magazines, straight-line type tool magazines, turn-milling combined type tool magazines, chain type tool magazines, vertical-horizontal combined type tool magazines, and takes a place in Mainland China, even in Japan, Korea, etc. Currently, Shanghai Kenturnlong Machinery Co., Ltd. is the regional agency of SANJET International Industrial Co., Ltd. in SANJET tool magazines in Mainland China to manage the regional sales and services of tool magazines in China.  



        1. The originally developed ball-type cam mechanism is of high cutting accuracy, and the rotation speed ranks only second to that of the servo cutter head.
        2. The separated cutter holder is supported by the cutter head to keep the perpendicularity and space of the cutter bar for a long term, and the cutter removing action is smooth.
        3. The compressed air cylinder is positioned outside the slide bar, thus the cylinder speed adjustment and maintenance is convenient.
        4. The cutter head is fitted with the sheet metal tightly, and the downside chip guard height is over 90%.
        5. The linear bearing support at the inlet slides smoothly and steadily.
        6. The lightweight material is used, the tool magazine castings are made of aluminum alloy, thus the product is light.




        ● 圣杰刀库
        斗笠式刀库 圆盘式刀库
        30# 30# 30# 30# 30# 30#  
        40# 40# 40# 40# 40# 40#  
        50# 50# 50# 50# 50# 50#  


        Industry Applications

               SANJET tool magazine is one of the world leading CNC tool magazines. SANJET tool magazine is a rising star in the tool magazine industry, and can be seen everywhere in the factories of large, medium and small enterprises, and SANJET brand is sold well all over the world.
               Widely used in CNC machining field.

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