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              Shanghai Kenturnlong Machinery Co., Ltd. is specialized in CNC spindles, CNC index plates and CNC tool magazines and provides the precision parts of the above products. The company has a professional technical team for pre-sales guidance and after-sales maintenance for CNC spindles, CNC index plates and CNC tool magazines, to provide customers with the highest-quality, efficient and professional services to let customer free from worries.

        Company Name: Shanghai Kenturnlong Machinery Co., Ltd.
        Establishment Time: July 2005

        Registered Capital:

        Company Headquarter: China-Shanghai
        Application Fields: CNC Machining Center Field
        Scope of Business:

        Sales and services of KENTURN spindles, OBR index plates, SANJET tool magazines, the accessories of the above products, and other products within the scope of business

        Web: www.shktl.com

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